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One thought on “DEMOS AND REVIEWS”

  1. Put another way, if you study Armizare or Renaissance swordsmanship and do NOT take the opportunity to see what these traditions hold, and the oral teachings that a living tradition can provide about stance, body movement, etc, you are doing yourself a serious disservice.

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Texas Armizare has helped me focus my training with drills that help me learn the principles. As a result, I can see improvements in my sparring. --Brewster M.

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I knew I wanted to learn HEMA, but didn't know how to get started. Since I've been working with Texas Armizare, I'm now on my way -  and I'm getting  better everyday. --Eric B.

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I live and practice in Washington with another HEMA club but I wanted to diversify my understanding of longsword so I signed up with Texas Armizare.  --Jordan P.

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